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video clip and photographs remembering Yuri Sergeyevich Rytkheu reading chukchi language >

Tokyo streets 2015/2016 >

Antonio LOBO ANTUNES at lit.COLOGNE 2010 >

artists, musicians, writers on stage 2011 2012 >

Tokyo analog 2012 >

pictures of GREEN DAY in Cologne concert 05.10.2009 >

YU Hua chinese novelist photos >

live in concert , artist in concert , on stage, backstage >

photos collapse of the Cologne city archive on 3rd of March 2009 >

reportage on pediatrician Detlev Geiss in Cologne suburb
( assignment for german news magazine DER SPIEGEL ) >

04.11.2008 portrait photos of Kenzaburo OE reading in Cologne, 写真,肖像,ポートレート,大江健三郎,日本人作家,1994年ノーベル文学賞受賞 >

20.09.2008 Cologne protesting against nazi demonstration,
racist "congress" against Islam fails completely >

19.12.2007 Cologne concert for Prof. Zakhar Bron (60)
celebrating his birthday at conservatory >



Mark Z. Danielewski presenting HOUSE OF LEAVES in Cologne >

Daido Moriyama Nippon photographer

04.09.2007 Daido MORIYAMA retrospective exhibition Cologne Photographische Sammlung SK Stiftung Kultur >


close up photographic spots - streetphotography >


Cologne Soccer Football World Cup 2006 new picture gallery >


Survivors of Amok run 1964 in school Cologne Volkhoven

38 years after catastrophy the  pictures

Copyright.. DER SPIEGEL 21/2002, p 50, Bruno Schrep text, portraits by Jo Schwartz


CSD 2002 Cologne pictures

EUROPRIDE 2002 Cologne pictures




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