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portrait Jo Schwartz

Jo Schwartz  works as freelanced photographer Cologne based since 1991 on assignment for magazines and companies ,
like STERN, DER SPIEGEL, FAZ Magazin, FOCUS, Deutsche Telekom

publications for example in DU Magazin CH, Rolling Stone DE, Das Magazin CH, GEO,

priorities on photographing portraits, convention photography documentation of congresses, conferences, trade shows,
exhibitions, banquets, diners, meetings and interviews,

photojournalism picture stories on people and social subjects abandoned  minors

in Germany, Europe and hispanic world as

Moscow (1991 for STERN magazine ) failed coup 1991

Latinamerica (Chile,Mexico,Nicaragua,Cuba)

travel pictures ( Spain, Mexico ) travel views

cooperation with distinguished writers , journalists.

languages : Deutsch , Castellano
English ,French and Portuguese

photo portraits promotion photos of artists musicians classic pop rock >

or for example >

black and white portraits for the german news magazine DER SPIEGEL >

reportage Chacabuco Chile for SPIEGEL SPECIAL 

author Dr. Erwin Koch  photographs by  Jo Schwartz  



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